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What’s Love?

It’s probably easier for me to begin with what love is not. Well it’s certainly not just bringing a child into this world and providing for him or her. It’s not buying the latest toys, clothes or electronic gadgets.  Just about anybody can fit those shoes.

Love is being there with outstretched arms to catch your baby as he learns to walk, but giving them just enough space to wobble and sometimes even fall so that he learns the importance of being independent. Love is freely giving your time. Being there for recitals, ball games, first date, prom and graduations. It’s accepting the fact that your child will probably lose his or her mind somewhere along the way and lash out at you while trying to find their selves and forgetting who you really are. It’s during this time that you’ll show love by being transparent, showing them that you’re not perfect, that you’ve made mistakes, probably some of the same as they have. Love means crying with them and finding a way to laugh with them as well.

Love is helping them understand that being a certain size, having a particular skin tone, type of hair texture or style, a degree, letters behind their name, or a six figure salary when they grow up are not conditions for your love. Love is letting them know that life is no cake walk and that it can be downright hard at times. Love is letting them know that because you love them, when they display bad behavior there will be a price to pay and it will hurt at times but your love for them will always remain strong. It’s teaching them to be generous, honest and true. Love is letting them know that you believe in them, that it’s not all about winning but giving it your all.

Love is simply telling your kid as often as possible “I Love You”. Then, as I was bringing this article to a close, I thought I had a good grip on what love was and was feeling pretty good about what I had accomplished, then my son who just turned six years old on February the first put everything about love into perspective by simply saying love is kisses and happiness.

Who knew!

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