Noah’s Ark (Toddlers)


10 Mos to 1 Yr 6 Mos

6:30 am - 6:30 pm


1 Teacher to 6 Toddlers

3 Teacher Staff

Our Toddler Program

A toddler’s world is driven by curiosity and desire to broaden their horizons and explore new things. Our teachers work to understand your toddler’s needs and strive to create a nurturing bond that toddlers need for security.  We nurture our toddler’s in play and in learning activities tailored for this exciting stage of life that implements social, creative, physical and intellectual growth. They also enjoy rides in our strollers to enjoy fresh air on the days when the weather is good!

Art and Social Studies
Our teachers incorporate teaching your toddler self-help skills like hand washing and feeding. They also enjoy rides in our safe strollers to enjoy fresh air on the days when the weather cooperates!
Motor Development and Physical Health
When your child becomes a toddler they become more mobile and even more stimulated by their environment. Our caregivers assist with their development in their new mobile environment in a variety of ways helping our toddlers build and fine tune their gross motor skills. We offer a safe environment where our toddlers develop balance and coordination during playtime activities and social interaction.
Math and Science
We do a variety of activities with our toddlers that teach counting, coloring, organizing, comparing and categorizing.
Language and Communication
We strive to create a firm foundation in language development as our teachers work with each child’s language and communication skills. They guide your toddler into the world of language using songs, words, gestures and sounds to stimulate their environment.

Daily Report and Weekly Lesson Plans

To keep you updated on your child’s progress, our teachers keep a daily report of your toddler’s feedings, diaper changes, and nap times as well as their mood and disposition. A copy of your toddler’s daily report is given to you every day. We also send you a weekly report via email at the beginning of each week that outlines your child’s activities for that week. We give you tips and activities for you to do with your child that help reinforce the learning activities for that week.