Young Two’s

2 Yrs

6:30 am - 6:30 pm


1 Teacher to 6 Toddlers

3 Teacher Staff

Young Two’s

When you are almost two and moving into the 2 year old life is exciting. Our teachers understand the importance of placing an emphasis on development and not focusing on a child’s age. Each child learns and develops in their own time. We help support that growth through our classroom activities, interaction and play.

Art and Social Studies
We incorporate music, reading, and interactive repetitive engagement helping your child become well rounded as they encourage each child’s talents and natural abilities.
Language and Communication
We focus on cognitive development that includes problem solving and memory skills by working in areas like naming familiar objects and reciting poems and nursery rhymes.
Motor Development and Physical Health
Caregivers help your child explore their creativity through varied art projects and exploration of their world. We use interactive play to help our 2 year old’s learn about their surroundings and relate it to themselves and others.
Math and Science
We expand your child’s cognitive abilities and help them build a strong foundation as they broaden their intellectual horizons.
The biblical theme is incorporated throughout the week and the principles of the story help 2 years old build a foundation in biblical values.

Daily Report and Weekly Lesson Plans

To keep you updated on your child’s progress, our teachers keep a daily report of your toddler’s feedings, diaper changes, and nap times as well as their mood and disposition. A copy of your toddler’s daily report is given to you every day. We also send you a weekly report via email at the beginning of each week that outlines your child’s activities for that week. We give you tips and activities for you to do with your child that help reinforce the learning activities for that week.