Little Owls & Our Safari (Pre-K)


3 Yr 2 M to 4 Yr

6:30 am - 6:30 pm


1 Teacher to 15 Kids

6 Teacher Staff

We continue your child’s educational journey in the preschool environment with a more structured program that helps them start preparing for the school atmosphere. In Pre-k each student uses their imagination and development skills as they work on theme based projects each week. Our Pre-K program includes language, communication, math, science, arts, social studies and bible.
Separated By Age
Our teachers have the opportunity to get to know each child well and the pre-k class is separated by age and maturity levels as we offer our children a loving secure environment. We offer balance in your child’s development by providing fun activities and creative play incorporated with the academic learning. The building blocks of the structured day are created with planned activities that incorporate weekly and monthly themes.


Daily Report and Weekly Lesson Plans

To keep you updated on your child’s progress, our teachers keep a daily report how well they eat, nap times as well as their mood and disposition. A copy of your child’s daily report is given to you every day. We also send you a weekly report via email at the beginning of each week that outlines your child’s activities for that week. We give you tips and activities for you to do with your child that help reinforce the learning activities for that week.