About Meadows Academy
Our Child Care Center
The mission of Meadows Academy preschool is to provide quality child care in a Christian environment, which builds the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual growth of each student. We believe in nurturing the child’s natural love of learning by providing a rich environment, filled with age-appropriate activities that will motivate and challenge each learner to achieve their very best. We view parents as partners and an integral part in working along side us to instill a firm foundation that facilitates life-long early learning.
Meadows Academy Philosophy for Child Care
Here at Meadows Academy in Sanford we believe that God has given parents and teachers the awesome responsibility of nurturing the children He has placed in our care. When parents must work, now more than ever, it is essential that children be cared for in a Christian environment by dedicated teachers. Therefore, our goal is to form a partnership with parents to provide an environment in which children can develop not just academically, but in all areas of development. The quality of early learning experiences can not be underestimated. As children explore, question, listen, build, paint, play and sing they develop readiness for school and other life experiences. We believe that by organizing and supporting each child’s individual talents and interest, we can instill a life long love of learning. We believe that the Bible is the basis of wisdom and we will endeavor to teach Biblical truths by example, through Bible stories and character studies.
Meadows Academy Center Safety
Meadows Academy provides a clean, safe, and supportive place for your child. Rooms are cleaned twice a day, and toys are meticulously maintained to ensure the safety of every youngster in our care. All playgrounds are equally tended to ensure a safe, secure environment for your child. We adhere to strict standards for our health practices for hand-washing, food preparation, and restroom protocol to reduce the risk of illness.  Every member of our staff is certified in CPR and trained in first aid. We are prepared for any medical emergency or evacuation procedure. For security, all parents and teachers must sign in and out electronically, and children are released only to individuals authorized by the parents on the enrollment application.