Older Two Year Olds


Older 2 Yrs

6:30 am - 6:30 pm


1 Teacher to 11 Kids

3 Teacher Staff

Older 2 Year Old’s

Our older 2 year old’s are beginning to prepare for their elementary school years. However, they are still just as busy as ever. So our three year old’s curriculum provides a combination of dramatic play, music, stories, puzzles, toys and outside play.  We also support the reinforcement of academic learning with colors, shapes, numbers, opposites, character play and community workers days.

3 year old playtime
Art and Social Studies
Our teachers create an artistic learning environment for your almost 3 year old. They provide daily art activities that help stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination.


Motor Development and Physical Health
The 3 year old coordination during playtime activities and social interaction is important. They are more steady with balance and running and areas like hand eye coordination are areas our teachers help them develop.


Math and Science
The 3 year old child will continue learning counting, coloring, organizing, comparing and categorizing as our teachers teach. We also do various activities that focus on shapes, numbers, and letters.


Learning Centers
We begin our three years old’s rotations through learning centers at this stage. Children are encouraged to explore and get hands on interaction in each center. All of the learning centers engage the three year old’s in the development of social-emotional, motor skills, cognitive and physical.


Daily Report and Weekly Lesson Plans

To keep you updated on your child’s progress, our teachers keep a daily report how well they eat, nap times as well as their mood and disposition. A copy of your child’s daily report is given to you every day. We also send you a weekly report via email at the beginning of each week that outlines your child’s activities for that week. We give you tips and activities for you to do with your child that help reinforce the learning activities for that week.